Non-Residential Apprenticeship Program


The Non-Residential Immersion Program is a program designed for those who have prior commitments that keep them from engaging in the residential experience, but still want a rigorous curriculum of outdoor education designed specifically to instruct present and future professional outdoor instructors, guides, counselors, teachers, and those who want to live these skills every day.

Two full years of courses with instructor mentorship.

Similar to the residential program, the purpose of the non-residential program is to generate experienced skills practitioners who are motivated to grow in their personal skills and share within the context of a talented skills community. The Non-Residential Program includes the following opportunities:

  • Register for any class open to the public or apprentices offered at the school for a two year timeline.
  • Participate in any Apprentice Only programs which may include: Wild Rice School, 5 day canoe trip, and various leadership trainings
  • Camp at our Apprentice Camping area with access to the outdoor kitchen, bathrooms, and seasonally available shower.
  • Support and mentoring from our Staff. This may include developing a custom “learning path” designed to meet your interests, one-on-one nature and wilderness skills mentoring, homework assignments, and more.
  • Volunteer at any workshop you have previously attended to gain leadership training by aiding instructors; or work with instructors to modify a particular course to challenge any skill sets pertaining to course material.

The Non Residential is designed so that you can still uphold your integrity towards prior commitments such as family and work, while also still being a part of your wild story and gaining the skills you want.

2021-2023 Tuition

  • One payment due prior to attending first course. 50% non-refundable deposit required 30 days from date of acceptance.