Welcome to The Earthwise Podcast

Join Mike Douglas, founder of the Maine Primitive Skills School in Augusta, Maine, around the electronic campfire where he will share stories and skills in ancestral knowledge, survival, bushcraft, permaculture, rewilding, and community building. Using ancestral skills combined with modern science & technology we will bring greater nature connection to the world, create mutually beneficial relationships, and manifest bounty for all living things. Episodes will follow the cycle of the seasons to give you relevant anecdotes to get you outside to deepen the connection you have to your landscape.

Earthwise Podcast Ep. 1 2019 Dancing in the Spiders Web

The Earthwise Podcast – #6 Back to the Land

The Earthwise Podcast – #5 Green Shoots!

The Earthwise Podcast – #4 At the Starting Blocks

The Earthwise Podcast – #3 Dear Grandchildren

The Earthwise Podcast – #2 Order of Survival

The Earthwise Podcast – Introduction