The Philosophy series takes folks pretty deep down the rabbit hole, but it is based on creating reproducible results. As of this writing, we are on day two of the first course in the philosophy series, “Reclaiming and Maintaining Sacred Fire”, soon to just be called “Sacred Fire” course. The primary focus of the course is to better define and create an action plan toward ones own “vision” or “purpose” and the application of processes, tools, and recovery strategies to increase individual growth and development on their personal path. We’re having great success and feed back from the participants after each skill session. A great opportunity to evolve beyond the blindfolded string and drum stalk toward tools that can be used both in and out of the woods. Blindfolded shelter location stalk, Dowsing for Water, and Intuitive Tinder Gathering are exercises that work the edge of most peoples comfort zone, but produce undeniable results. We are engaging students of yoga as well as seasoned hunters in dynamic movement exercises using fluidity and bird alarms as diagnostic feedback tools to create a solid foundation for the more meditative disciplines ( which are part of what is in store for tomorrow).