Daniel Vitalis and Arthur Haines have been good friends of mine for years. While we each express similar views and approaches, our relationship is based on mutually beneficial exchange rather than self destructive competition. Re-wilding is more than self absorbed narcissism. It is about improving the relationship between you, your body, and your environment/community.

We each have a suite of specialized skill sets to bring to the table. No one of us can do it all, nor would we want to. Arthur has many skill sets, to include amazing plant knowledge and the attention to detail of a craftsman. Daniel can share concepts and ideas with fluid clarity and can reach a demographic most folks cannot.

Wether  you are in to Re-wilding, Paleo, or consider yourself one of the Neo-Aboriginals, as you find your own “voice” in the woods, look at the landscape of fellow practitioners, not as threats, but as motivators, resources, and supports. In this way, we all grow. I WANT you to steal our best ideas! In other practices this is called using “best practices”. Keep your sense of competition as it keeps your edge sharp, only never let it divide. The only person with “bettering” is the person you are yesterday. Now get out there, change the world, have fun doing it, and don’t get caught!