The First Survival Games!

Who doesn’t like them, television shows such as Dual Survival, Survivor Man or Naked and Afraid? Besides us, it is almost everyone else we ever talk to when we talk about surviving and thriving in the
wilderness. But as many people that know these type of shows, yet so few are actually capable of adequately responding to a survival situation in the wilderness. And even fewer are capable of getting so comfortable that they don’t even want to leave ‘their new home’ anymore.

At the Maine Primitive Skills School, we felt that that is just a bloody shame. Besides the fact that having adequate wilderness skills can turn out to be a life saver, being able to thrive in the wilderness
can be just a lot of fun! That is why we came up with an easy yet awesome (at least, that is what we think!) idea: let’s develop a real life one day survival game which is fun, educational and challenging for people with
different experience levels. And you know what? Let’s throw in some games missions, gambling, a shooting range, an in-game
shop and a survivor leaderboard and it even feels like your playing a RPG while learning.

That is how ‘The Survival Games’ came into existence. With help of OFFGRID TOOLS we were able to run a beta test of the survival games this year to see if was indeed as amazing as we were thinking it
would be. How was it? Imagine people running over obstacles, testing out their own made backpacks. Fires being made with matches, ferro rods and bow drills. Shelters being made all over the landscape. People navigating with a compass through the forest to solve mysteries. People improvising with forest materials to deal with hypothetical first aid injuries. People choosing different game strategies in order to try to win the game and one of the awesome awards. And so on.

So did we find The Survival Games a success? Yes Sir!
Are we going to continue to organize these games. Absolutely! We think that in the future people will be deciding whether they want to try an escape room, go paintballing or play The Survival Games.
After having played The Survival Games you are not immediately a full fledged veteran who can thrive anywhere. That will require more study and dirt time (for hat, also check out the wilderness courses of the Maine Primitive Skills School) . But you will have touched upon all the essentials of
survival, will have improved your skills and most importantly you will have joined us in appreciating and enjoying being in the wilderness!

Keep following the MPSS website to find out when the first next Survival Games will be organized.

See you soon!