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Imagine your best experience in nature! Now infuse that experience with “technologies”, like emotional investment, context, and a detailed system of interfacing the product of that “imagined ecological ideal” into your everyday until it starts to manifest in thought, word, and action. These ancestral tools were used and expressed thousands of years go to maintain a secure shelter and full bellies, as they are today in clinical, consumer, and corporate settings. The difference is in intrinsic and communal outcomes. In this workshop we will:

Help you identify existing scripts and story

Apply your innate skills to enrich, even re-write, existing story toward recovery, growth, and relationship building

Facilitating young story tellers and cultivating space for story to be told.

Cost: $40

Deposits transferable but non-refundable

Minimum Age: 15 years old

Limit: 12 Students

For questions or more details contact the school via e-mail at “staff@primitiveskills.com”