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Nature Literacy is being able to read your landscape for meaningful information. We will delve into Tracking, one of the highest arts and sciences of nature awareness and outdoor education. In this experience you will learn to read individual tracks, sign, and the environment to identify the subjects moving through your area and more. You will also learn how to read individual track features, track patterns, the sign that is left behind and even the reaction of birds and other wildlife to determine what that subject was doing, when they passed, and where they were heading. By the end of the experience you will have enough tools to begin building a predictability profile of your subject accurate enough to find the subject or intercept their trail with greater accuracy and a much higher percentage ratio.

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Limit: 12 Students

Cost: $250

Deposit transferable but non-refundable.

For more details contact the school via e-mail at “staff@primitiveskills.com”