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Statistically, you are more likely to be injured driving to the rock climbing event that in the act of climbing itself. In this workshop, we will share through experience and process, how to:

Define Real and Perceived Risk in Outdoor Pursuits

Use Indicators/Strategies for Risk Management on Physical, Emotional, & Cognitive Levels

Defining the “Edge” of Comfort to Prevent Harm and Increase Learning.

Responsible Strategies for Risk Taking as an “Engagement Tool” for Learning.

Read Experiences to More Accurately Assess Student Engagement and Learning

Maintain Balance and Flow Between Creative Process and Lesson Plans in Outdoor Settings.

Cultivate “Challenge” and “Failure” into “Resolve and Wisdom” (rather than “defeat and victim-hood”)


We will warm up around the wood stove to process each event between experiences, but be prepared for the weather so you can have fun!

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Workshop Cost: $35

Limit: 12 Students

Deposits transferable but non-refundable

Minimum Age: 15 years old

Limit: 12 Students

For questions or more details contact the school via e-mail at “staff@primitiveskills.com”