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Mid Spring is the time  of Nettle and Milkweed Shoots, Trout Lily, Black Locust flowers, and more!

Learn how to be ready for each seasonal bounty, how to select, prepare, store, and use some of the most important plant foods and medicines available at this time of year. We will be locating, identifying, responsibly harvesting, and preparing many plants for food, medicine, and fibers. We will make tinctures, salves, cordage, many meals and sides, and much more during this experience.

Spring is a busy time for us. We gather fleeting larders of seasonally available bulk foods, medicines, and utilitarian plants. We dig sweet roots and tubers, gather our medicine for Lyme Disease, and enjoy succulent greens. Join us for this fun and empowering weekend foraging for the gifts of Spring.


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Cost: $250 per weekend

Limit: 12 Students

Age Limit: 16 years and Older

Deposits transferable but non-refundable