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Class Description

Foraging is not, as it first appears, a single “skill”. It involves knowing the identity of a plant; how to harvest (in order to increase population health); preparation; storage; and, most importantly, being able to slow down enough to forage in the first place! 

Our hope with these walks is that you will have the tools you need to bring foraging into your daily lives. In short, we guide participants in their journey towards being responsible stewards of the landscape. Ancillary benefits include: having lots of fun, getting some fresh air, and learning about some of the plants that we can use during the season that our class takes place. See you there!


Who is this for?

If your aim is to round out your foraging skill sets then this class is for you! There is a special focus on new and beginning foragers, but this class is open to all who are eager to refine their craft and learn more about identifying and using wild plants for food, medicine, and traditional crafts.

What will we be learning?

This walk is designed to introduce participants to a solid foundation of skills, including:

  • Basic botany and plant morphology
  • Confident and safe field identification
  • Plant uses: from tasty treats to bulk foods to powerful medicines and beyond
  • Reciprocity in foraging
  • A deeper relationship with plants: what mindset can we cultivate for the most abundance?

What should I bring?

A water bottle, notebook, pencil, and snack is a good start. We will be exploring within a half-mile of our parking location, so dress for the weather (bring mosquito protection—especially a headnet!), and bring whatever you need to be comfortable while mobile (walking stick/cane, comfortable-fitting footwear, sunhat). Scotch tape is often useful for pressing samples into your notebook for future reference.

Course starts 13.00 Tuesday

Cost: $40.00

Course location:- Maine Primitive Skills School, 716 Church Hill Road, Augusta, ME 04330   www.primitiveskills.com  Tel: +1 207-623-7298