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Tubers, Fruits, Nuts, and Seeds mark this time of bounty! Come join us as we explore wild food gathering and preparation at this most bountiful time of the year. If you have an interest in self-sufficiency, human health, and a deeper relationship with plants, this hands-on class is designed for you. Through foraging we’ll share an experience of connection with nature that fosters a greater appreciation of the many things that local landscapes can provide. Through many independent studies, it has become increasingly clear that diets rich in wild foods promote health and defend the body from many of the debilitating ailments that plague modern societies (e.g., obesity, diabetes, arthritis, coronary disease, periodontal disease). We’ll spend much of the weekend outside identifying, collecting, and preparing wild plants for food (so be prepared for weather and uneven terrain). Class will focus on gathering plant foods and medicines that are appropriate for the season (nuts, legumes, fall roots and tubers, and wild rice–as available). Throughout the class, simple tools will be used and reference will be made to primitive and contemporary methods of processing plants. As well, wildcrafted medicine and utilitarian plants will be discussed to provide a more holistic understanding of how plants can positively affect our lives. Wild nutrition is both a link to the past and a gateway to a sustainable future.


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Limit: 12 Students

16 years of age and older

Cost: $250 for the weekend

Payments transferable but non-refundable

For more details contact the school via e-mail at “staff@primitiveskills.com”