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Treat yourself to a day exploring what food, medicines, and utility is available in the plant communities around these water rich environments. Each place we visit will have a completely different host of choices, options, and opportunities as we explore each area through the eyes of a wildlife tracker, herbalist, natural navigator, field meteorologist, and ancient scout!

There will be fun, hands on skills challenges to refine your navigation and awareness skills as well as sharpen your field craft abilities! No experience necessary. A day pack for lunch on the trail, appropriate dress, and a sense of adventure required. This hike will be easy to moderate with many stops along the way to snack, investigate or try your hand at new skills.

Possible adventures might include making bandages, baskets, thatched mats, and/or sunscreen. We may also have a wild trailside nibble and gather materials and make a tea.

Time: 9am-3pm

Facilitator/Guide: Mike Douglas

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Cost: $40