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Inventory who you love, starting with family and radiating out to friends and community. How much energy can you invest in taking care of so many people before it effects you adversely? Your “Sacred Fire”, like the fire in your campsite, shelter, or home, is the hearth that keeps you warm and bathed in light. It is those you care about, your relationships with them, and the on going maintenance of life sustaining systems you have spent your life invested in to keep both you and them well.

As an Elder, reclaiming and maintaining this “Sacred Fire” is a large part of our roll. This “assignment” occurs whether we ask for it or not.  Oddly, in this stage of growth, it is more passive, than active.

In this course we will be detailing efficient and effective ways to maintain personal wellness while being a productive presence in the goings on of those seemingly swirling about us on the periphery.

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Workshop Cost: $50

Limit: 12 Students

Deposits transferable but non-refundable

Minimum Age: 40 years old

For questions or more details contact the school via e-mail at “staff@primitiveskills.com”