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Spring is a time for gathering and preparing many of our important emergent green medicinal plants, roots and tubers for food, and fibers for retting. Burdock, Evening Primrose, Water Cress and Wild Mustard’s are a few of the plants we will locate, identify, harvest, and prepare.

We’ll share how to:

Identify & Responsibly Harvest Wild Plants Safely

Locate and Select Wild Plants for Food, Medicine and Utility

Prepare, Store, and Use Some of the Most Important Plant Foods Available this Time of Year

Harvest and Prepare Medicinal Plants Available

Identify and Discuss Plants that Will Be Coming “On Line” in the Coming Weeks


We will be locating and preparing many plants for food, medicine, and fibers. We will make tinctures, salves, cordage, many meals and sides, and much more during this experience. Learn to plug in to each seasons bounty.

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Cost: $625

Deposits transferable but non-refundable

Minimum Age: 16 year old

Limit: 12