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From debris hut modifications for multi-season use to grass covered migratory protection  to earth lodges designed to stand for generations, this hands o experience will have you gain an understanding of materials, design, seasonal applicability and challenges, as well as efficiencies that can be applied to your own dwellings.

Hypothermia is the most common threat in off grid situations. Learning life sustaining concepts applied to improvised shelters gives you options both at home and away. From being in an unexpected power outage or vehicle mishap without immediate support, to prolonged uncertainty due to current events, having the ability to secure effective and efficient protection from the elements and maintain core temperature of you and your loved ones is a primary life sustaining skill.

Available as a private course. Minimum of six participants. Must book two weeks in advance, subject to available dates.

Level of exertion is equivalent to a mild two mile hike and a few hours of light yard work.


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Cost: $625

Effective and efficient shelter building skills; an important first step.

Deposits transferable but non-refundable

Minimum Age: 15 year old

For more information contact: staff@primitiveskills.com