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Maine Primitive Skills School proudly works with and recommends the following institutions.


The Natural Navigator  Tristan Gooley  West Sussex, England

Tristan Gooley is a prolific author of informative works covering natural and aidless navigation skills. He also run courses and has an informative presence on social media. The quickest way to get in touch is by using the email

Delta Institute of Natural History Canton, Maine

The Delta Institute of Natural History mentors students in learning ancient and traditional skills, including nutrition and healing; generating health, self-reliance, awareness, and nature connection.

Way Of The Earth School Blue Hill, Maine

Way Of The Earth School teaches top-notch workshops on everything from felting, bark tanning, bow making, and more. Former MPSS instructors and Way Of The Earth founders Hannah Sol Rhea and Colby Smith also run a 4-month long immersion program on the beautiful Maine coast, guiding participants with their wealth of knowledge and experience through the refined skill sets of nature-connected living.

North Wind Guides Readfield, Maine

North Wind Guides provide Wilderness Survival training, taught by Maine Guides and Military Survival Specialists in a safe immersive atmosphere that focuses on skills, knowledge and a positive mental awareness. Also offering Maine Guiding and Security Services.

Grandfather Ray Canaan, Maine

Ray Reitze, Jr. former proprietor of Earthways School of Wilderness Living, author, teacher, naturalist, and Master Maine Guide lived, traveled and learned with a Micmac elder. Ray was trained in the ancient ways and now travels from Maine to California speaking, working with individuals, small groups, organizations, businesses, churches, healing centers, and medical practioners. Ray applies his teaching from the elders in his life, his life experiences from childhood through the Vietnam war and from results obtained from past classes. His deep and gentle teaching style is effective for individuals or groups, private or business. He devotes his life to helping people from all walks of life to find inner peace and happiness, the ancient ways are still pertinent in these modern times.

Self Reliance Outfitters Pathfinder School Jackson, Ohio

Dave Canterbury and the Pathfinder School prepare you for the unexpected with practical woodland exercises as well as classroom type training. Combining decades of outdoor self-reliance knowledge and primitive skills experience, the staff is made up of an array of talented and skilled instructors.

Tread LightlyScandinavia

Tread Lightly Survival School is an independently operated, international Wilderness Survival and Urban Preparedness school. Operating out of our Headquarters 60kms inside the Arctic circle of Northern Scandinavia.

Wildwood Path Unity, Maine

The Wildwood Path is nine month apprenticeship for women with a desire to learn the ancient skills of wilderness survival, nature connection, and earth-based ceremony. Supported by a group of experienced mentors and elders who link this circle with the broader world of deep nature connection mentoring, The Wildwood Path is a learning journey that will give women the concrete skills to feel at home in the abundance of the earth and the confidence to share these skills with others in order to regenerate our culture and the world.