Going into the woods with nothing for extended periods of time, even decades, would seem romantic and irresponsible. What if it were not only possible, but that it could be the bridge to all that is real and meaningful in ones life? From building effective shelters, to learning how to reclaim, protect, and wisely utilize water systems, we would, through immersion in natural systems, reclaim our sovereignty and heal the landscape that supports us.  Imagine that the only thing standing in the way of learning how to invest calories in the most efficient manner are the conveniences we work so hard to support. Fire off the landscape and responsible and sustainable foraging and planting would increase yield in each back yard. Barter would be based on community interdependence and individual self reliance. We would trade our strengths for our needs and build mutually beneficial relationships.  How do I know this is possible? Because we accomplish it at this school every day. We are gardening the earth and sharing the skills so folks can bring them to their own back yard. Re-wilding begins as an individual endeavor and expresses itself as a desire to reconnect with nature and natural systems. Using Ancestral skills in the context of all that our modern society has to offer leaves the door wide open to the endless possibilities. We can reverse entropy. Through the plants and the people, we can reclaim soils, restore the healthy waterways, and return to the woods with nothing for extended periods of time. For it is the wild places that provide us with everything. Their health is a reflection of ours. Our state of being within them can either be a reflection of how much we have forgotten or a comment how much we’ve reclaimed.