• To Register for a Course contact the School at staff@primitiveskills.com or call the school at (207) 623-7298

High-quality experiential learning programs take a tremendous amount of time and resources. In an effort to keep programs accessible for all, our tuition fees are significantly less than the actual cost of our programs. We are supported by individual donations, sponsorships, and grants to make up the difference. Our sliding scale tuition fees are based on financial need to allow low income students access to our programs. Tuition for each course can be viewed by clicking “View Details” on the Register for Courses page. Please see the Apprenticeship page for more information about our residential and non-residental programs.

The Maine Primitive Skills offers tiered sliding scale registration rates to help those who may not be able to afford our full course cost still be able to attend our school. Our course rates are as follows:

Supporter Rate – The Supporter rate is our standard course fee which represents the actual cost to operate our programs. If you can afford this level, you are assisting our efforts to offer lower sliding-scale rates and ongoing financial subsidies to students in need. $620.00 for 5 Day Courses, $220.00 for weekend courses, $110.00 for Day courses.

Base Rate – Payment at the base rate covers a portion what is needed to run MPSS. To balance our budget and to manage resources, donations supplement our income. The base rate is 10% off the supporter rate. Use code base2015 at check out. $610.00 for 5 Day Courses, $210.00 for weekend courses, $100.00 for day long courses.

Tuition Assistance Rate – If you wish to register at the Tuition Assistance rate, you may be required to provide additional financial data after registration. The tuition assistance rate is 20% off the supporter rate. Use code assistance2015 at check out. $580.00 for 5 Day courses, $180.00 for weekend courses, $90.00 for day workshops.

If you are in need of additional help beyond a 20% discount, we offer Maine Time Bank hours and volunteer hours that can go towards tuition costs. Contact staff@primitiveskills.com to discuss your situation with our scheduling team.

Three Easy Steps to Guarantee Your Spot!

Choose a course from the calendar. You’ll find it by clicking the “Schedual” button.
E-mail us your name and the class you want to sign up for at staff@primitiveskills.com
We will hold your spot for two weeks. A non-refundable (but transferrable) 50% deposit will secure your space in the course.
Checks, Money Order, or Paypal Payments can be made to:

Maine Primitive Skills School

716 Church Hill Rd.

Augusta, ME 04330

“staff@primitiveskills.com” can be used if you are paying with paypal.


Many colleges and universities offer financial aid to full time students who apply for course credit at outside institutions. The Maine Primitive Skills School has fulfilled requirements for students to receive funding from both Marlboro College and Burlington College. We encourage prospective students to contact their school to explore funding options.

Gift Certificates

We offer gift certificates that can be used towards any of our programs.

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Volunteering at MPSS is part of our community building strategy. We would not continue to function without the generous support and service of many volunteers, please consider joining us in this capacity. All of our instructors began as students and volunteers, and progressed to assistant instructors before coming on as full time instructors. Stepping through the MPSS doorway not only gives you the opportunity to become reconnected to your ancestors and the earth, but also to become part of our community and learn how to share this sacred knowledge with future generations. Please visit our Volunteering page for more information.


Donations support our sliding scale tuition options, providing the opportunity for many student’s to attend our programs. You can donate either by mailing a check or online via credit or debit card. Send a check payable to Maine Primitive Skills School to the following address:

716 Church Hill Road Augusta, ME 04330

Donate with a credit card on our secure PayPal site by clicking the button below.

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