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I have learned more here than I have in college! I implement my learned skills into my everyday life, even in the city. There is something here for all different types of folks. Every time i go to the Skills School, I bring a brand new notebook and expect to fill it with information! I am the president of a primitive skills club at my college and the Maine Primitive Skills School has had a HUGE impact on our club by teaching us a lot of skills and supporting us along the way! Trust me when I say that this place is THE BEST!!!”

-Tim Swanson, President of Primitive Skills Club Unity College

Boston, Massachusetts

Excellent school, with the ideal mix of hands on training and theory.

-Markus Frederic Kneubuhler, Earth Living & Awareness 5 Day Courses

Age 42, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Every second there was a learning and growing experience…Maine Primitive School is not your average “by the book” learning experience, you will walk away a completely different person. I know I did…Not only did I gain so much more knowledge, courage and appreciation for the world around me, but I left with a new family of brothers and sisters that I will hold dear for the rest of my life…I went for the weekend primitive skills class and learned so much more than I could even process in one weekend and at the same time felt like it was a huge tease for what more there is to learn. I will definitely be going back for more classes and hope to see you there.

– Amy Rosebrock, Earth Living Weekend Course

Age 32, Scottsburg, Indiana

Thanks to a weekend with you I will never take matches and lighters for granted again. Anytime I go anywhere I now look at the lawns and trees differently. I am now recommending Earth Living to my friends. It is just a wonderful weekend spent getting closer to nature and making one think about our surroundings.

-Nicole Frame, Earth Living 5 Day Course

Age 28, Coudersport, Pennsylvania

I wanted to thank you and the MPSS crew for a great workshop. I found this past weekend’s course structure and instruction very professional. This is obviously evidenced by the level of success demonstrated by each of the participants.

-Deneen Bernier, Co-owner of Three Red Trees Outdoor Programs

Age 32, Litchfield, Connecticut

Excellent instructors with a passion for sharing their knowledge, and they actually live what they teach.

-Ron Kline

Age 46,  Newport News, Virginia

It was an amaizing trip to the wondeful Maine Primitive Skills School with a lovely guest instructor. The people on the trip were incredibly varied but still by the end of 48 hours it really felt like a community. Lisa kept everything quite organized and running smoothly. I would definately reccomend both Toby and the Maine Primitive Skills School to anyone that enjoys the woods.

-Scott Loren, All Levels Fall Survival Course

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Thank you Michael James Patrick for the Maine Primitive Skills School and for a community where I feel a real sense of belonging and being. I simply cannot thank you enough for what you have given to all of us.

-Katie Nolan, Unity College

After months of researching and practicing skills on my own, I ventured to MPSS for two 5 day courses. I’d seen all their videos and followed all their links but needed to learn in person. What an incredible environment for learning. Not only is Mike and his team highly skilled, but very able to pass their knowledge to a broad range of students from all walks of life. Skills and knowledge are truly learned as you are met with patient instructors who allow you to fail, learn from those failures, and come to a much greater understanding through true experience. The facility is welcoming and perfectly suited for sharing these skills. Trails and outdoor courses provide an incredible playground to demonstrate, facilitate, and practice all the classes the school has to offer.


MPSS rocks, this is the real deal, no bs here. I learned more in the few hours I spent with you and your staff than in the last ten books I read.


I was very impressed with the class. Mike’s commitment to mentoring was evident and frankly, he is fun to spend time with. I found myself laughing, learning, and longing for more time spent practicing primitive skills in the north woods of Maine.

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