Intro to Philosophy (Weekend)

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This course is an extension of the native awareness series. The Philosophy class provides the “operating system” that organizes and layers the rest of the skills from herbalism to tracking, awareness, to long term survival.  We will explore, through exercises and experiences the approaches to, and application of these skills with respect to a pragmatic connection to the landscape and beyond. … Read More

Late Fall Foraging (Weekend)

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Tubers, Fruits, Nuts, and Seeds mark this time of bounty! Come join us as we explore wild food gathering and preparation at this most bountiful time of the year. If you have an interest in self-sufficiency, human health, and a deeper relationship with plants, this hands-on class is designed for you. Through foraging we’ll share an experience of connection with … Read More

Spirit of the Hunt Weekend

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Hunting season is coming up soon. Learn how to detect deer movement through bird alarms, better understand deer behavior in your area through track and sign, track in difficult substrate, and process your deer and prepare the hide. This is a hands on course that will take you in to the world of the white tailed deer. Limit: 12 Students … Read More

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