Backpackers Survival Weekend

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Modern gear used wisely can turn a potential tragedy in to an extra day in the woods with stories to share. Don’t be “that guy”. Learn to use and improvise gear in such a way as to provide quick and effective shelter, water, fire, and food. Limit: 12 Students Cost: $210 For more details contact the school via e-mail at … Read More

Primitive Skills Club (Monthly Workshop)

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This Months Theme: Fiber Arts and Basketry Join us on the first Sunday of Each Month from 10am to 4pm to explore skills in the context of the yearly cycles. July’s long days are perfect for gathering and processing natural fibers in to cordage and containers.  A bag lunch is recommended as is a soft cushion, warm clothing, and your … Read More

Apprenticeship Spring to Summer Semester Closing Campfire

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After living outdoors and honing their skills for twelve weeks, Maine Primitive Skills Apprentices in wilderness survival, bushcraft, and outdoor education close their first semester.

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