Primitive Skills Workshop

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This Months Theme: Fiber Arts and Basketry Join us on the first Sunday of Each Month from 10am to 4pm to explore skills in the context of the yearly cycles. July’s long days are perfect for gathering and processing natural fibers in to cordage and containers.  A bag lunch is recommended as is a soft cushion, warm clothing, and your … Read More

Mentoring Skills Weekend

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Gain, through experience, the tools used by our ancestors to develop deep nature connection, increased awareness, and the confidence born of self reliance skills in a natural setting. This course will blow away any educational theory class you have had in the past by engaging you in hands on experiences and bringing you through an organic flow of activities designed … Read More

High School Outdoor Literacy Program

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Students will learn self reliance through ecological relationships and responsibility. Shelter building, fire safety and abilities, gathering and treating safe drinking water, and foraging principles and skills along with wildlife tracking, bird behavior, field meteorology, and navigation skills are a few of the areas covered. Each program is tailor made to the needs of the students, teachers, and curriculum. Areas … Read More

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