Primitive Skills Workshop

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This Months Theme: Cultivating Self Reliance Through Nature Literacy Join us on the first Sunday of Each Month from 10am to 4pm to explore skills in the context of the yearly cycles. While the hunters are out, the village is making sure the next generation understands the importance of moving within the cycles of the seasons. Learn how our collective … Read More

Mentoring Skills Weekend

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Gain, through experience, the tools used by our ancestors to develop deep nature connection, increased awareness, and the confidence born of self reliance skills in a natural setting. This course will blow away any educational theory class you have had in the past by engaging you in hands on experiences and bringing you through an organic flow of activities designed … Read More

Scout 5 Day

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Mobile survival, stealthy movement, invisibility, and many other skills defined those who dedicated to their lives to the highest art of being the eyes and ears of their people. Learn what it takes to help those who can not help themselves. Learn the skills of a Scout. Limit: 12 Students Cost: $620 for the Five Days. For more details contact … Read More

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