Backpackers Survival and Nature Awareness

Backpacking is a great way to get outside and feel the freedom and adventure of trekking unexplored places. There is a sense of freedom when we set out on the trail. The adventure comes when we realize how much there is to discover and learn when tapping in to that ancestral nomadic experience. When we share survival skills with backpackers, it doesn’t matter if they are seasoned trail guides or first timers. Just as there are infinite experiences to have in nature, there are also infinite learning opportunities. In fact, from the experience comes the learning.

Each time we run a Backpackers Survival weekend course we share important aspects of a pro-active mindset. We also have people experience the quickest and most effective ways to put up a shelter, build a fire, boil water and find their way out. With each group, we find out the students experience level and offer them a choice to bring it to the next level. The course can be as foundational as it can be extremely advanced based on parameters recommended by the instructors, but chosen and even modified, by the students. The results are self evident and normally profound for each participant.


Students navigating the compass course at the Backpackers Survival Weekend class.

Students navigating the compass course at the Backpackers Survival Weekend class.


Each person comes out of the Backpackers Survival experience wanting more. We ask folks to come volunteer for the courses they’ve already taken because no two courses are ever the same. Even with this, there seems to be an unquenchable thirst for more tracking, awareness, or wild food gathering. Some folks want to continue their development toward long term shelter design. Others want to develop their yearly foraging calendar for food and medicine.


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