Scout Skills are based on lost Apache scout survival techniques taught to us by Tom Brown, Jr. through the lineage of Stalking Wolf and Coyote Thunder.  We carry on the tradition of moving silently, camouflage and invisibility, care-taking, and re-education with honor.  Our instructors also use their military, hunting, and survival experience to deepen your understanding of moving across the landscape unseen, and defending yourself and others.

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Scout Skills 5 Day

Movement, Camouflage, Invisibility, Mobile Survival, and skill sets forged by secret scout societies around the globe for the sole purpose of providing information, protection and safe passage for ones people are the focus of this 5 day experience. We combine the three weekend experiences in to something much more.  This course is a compilation of Intro to Scout, Advanced Scout, and Scout Fighting.  The skills in this class widen your survival awareness, and martial arts parameters as well as instill a sense of confidence, independence, and renewed commitment to your own vision.

Modern Scout: The Interface

Prerequisite: Scout Skills 5 Day

This five day adds the complexities and extended possibilities of the modern landscape to the scout training repertoire.

Intro to Scout Skills

Prerequisites: Earth Living 1

Scout I: The Awakening. In the military the scout is the one in front, the one who is first to see or be seen, first to make contact or receive fire, but always the one in most danger. The native scout is invisible, unknown, and unrecognized. He or she is the protector of the people. Without them there is no tribe. We combine both of these scout worlds into a class which focuses on team movement, stealth, camouflage, and awareness. Open this door and there is no going back- it will change your perspective on what your role is as a human being. Bring a bathing suit, camouflage clothing, and light weight footwear (moccasins or water shoes).

Scout Skills: Advanced

Prerequisites: Intro to Scout Skills

Scout Skills II: Apocalypse Now. You have been given the basics. We know your intentions and commitment, so we can focus on honing your skills, and adding new ones such as countertracking, man traps, and invisibility. Be prepared to become one with the night, don’t expect much sleep, and, leave your teddy bear at home. You will know what you need to bring.

Scout Fighting

Prerequisites: Intro or Five Day

Philosophy and common concepts of practical fighting arts, Jujitsu ground fighting, Mui Thai, Wing Chun Kung Fu, American Boxing, and more will be covered. This class is designed to build confidence, independence, and safety while moving alone or in a small group.

Advanced Scout Fighting

Prerequisites: Fighting

Welcome to the valley of the real. This class is basically a logical continuum of Scout Fighting I. Here we take the individual martial arts learned in SF I and start to meld them into a cohesive fighting style. This class will definitely bump you up a level in your training . Wear clothes you can train in.  Sith Lords need not apply.

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