Native Awareness

Native Awareness is about learning to experience the world with all of your senses.  In the modern society we over use our eyes and have let our other senses atrophy.  The Native Awareness classes reintroduce you to your senses by teaching you new ways to use them.  Re-awaken to the world around you and “see” in a way that you never would believe possible.

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Intro to Native Awareness

Prerequisites: None

This weekend course is designed to allow participants to feel at home in the wild to the point where civilization becomes wilderness and the earth becomes home. We will be exploring activities that will enable you to read the earth, the sky, and the language of the birds in order to find what you need and keep you where you need to be. The result is an expansion of awareness that truly brings home the feeling of oneness with nature.

Advanced Native Awareness

Prerequisites: Intro to Native Awareness

Native Awareness II, the rest of the weekend experiences, takes you beyond Native Awareness I where you will be suprised at the things you notice on the landscape. We will step into more advanced awareness exercises and techniques.

Native Awareness 5 Day

Prerequisites: None

This course begins with the five physical senses and expands out beyond what each one individually can experience.  You will gain an understanding of how to use your whole being as an awareness tool, as well as, detect the subtle nuances from the landscape that can bring you valuable information, keep you undetected, or prevent you from dangerous situations. We do this by combining the latest in brain research with ancient skills in tracking, awareness, and primitive learning technologies.  The results are profound and immediately applicable to your daily life.

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Primitive Navigation and Weather Prediction Workshop

Prerequisites: None

Use your senses to read the landscape for information.  This course will focus on skills and techniques specific to finding your way through the North woods as well as how to read patterns, behaviors, and other indicators to make accurate assessments of incoming weather.

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