Earth Philosophy: Shamanism, Reiki, Healing Arts

Earth Philosophy is a way of looking at the world as a web not as a food chain.  Indigenous peoples saw themselves as caretakers and healers, perceiving the world not as a box store but as an Eden to be gardened.  The Earth Philosophy courses are about the old ways- living and loving through physical, energetic, and spiritual means.  They are about healing oneself, healing others, and healing the Earth.  Only through becoming a healer, in one form or another, does one connect to a greater purpose and find self.  To walk this path takes great courage and dedication to a vision of a better world for the children to come.  Most of these courses are beyond description.  Below, we do our best to put words to work that is done through heart not head, so please forgive us if a course is not what you expect.  At the very least, however, you will have fun, but it is very likely you will be blown away.

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Philosophy Skills 5 Day

This Course alligns the content of our philosophy, ceremony, and sacred fire courses to present an empowering and life altering experience.  The week is dedicated to nurturing  personal power and focuses on healing self, relationships, and community using shamanic techniques present in cultures world wide.  The skills and exercises covered in this course can be applied to reclaim personal balance, nurture community well being, work through grief issues, and empower others toward their full potential.

Ancestral Healing: Reclaiming Sacred Fire

Prerequisites: None

A number of disciplines promote healing at various levels. Before launching into a field which focuses on the healing process and overall well-being of others, we should prepare ourselves to be the most effective tools for maintaining and cultivating wellness and balance. Participants will concentrate on readying themselves physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. This class emphasizes the importance of healing oneself before helping others. This weekend class also introduces opportunities that are available to promote overall health, resilience, and wellness.

Ancestral Healing: Mending and Strengthen Community

Prerequisites: Reclaiming Sacred Fire or Equivalent

Indigenous peoples worldwide practice strong community building technologies to reach optimal levels of learning, connection, and consciousness. This visionary method of spiritual exploration facilitates healing and deepens awareness. In this core workshop students will acquire the fundamentals of mentoring, community building, and grief resolution used by shamans for generations to cultivate explosive growth in individuals, clans, groups, guilds, teams, and communities.  Better cultivate productive and nurturing relationships, use challenges to strengthen bonds, and gain a deeper connection with the natural world.

Earth Philosophy: Intro to

Prerequisites: None

This weekend course introduces the students to the underlying energies behind the hard skills and community building efforts. It is designed to further one’s personal path regardless of beliefs or upbringing.

Central Fire

Prerequisites: None

This intense experience goes beyond instruction.  Tending the central fire is about defining your purpose in life and making a commitment to the wellbeing of those around you.  The central fire creates a solid foundation for your self, your loved ones, and your community.


Prerequisites: Earth Philosophy: Intro to (or equivalent)

Learn how to use ceremony to remove energy blocks, grief, and darkness in your life. Ritual is the path to the “sacred silence” or “no mind.” This is the place where you are at peace, heal, and touch God. This is a gift to yourself and the world. If your glass is only half full, how can you give to others? Come let go and re-energize.


Prerequisites: None

This class focuses on healing oneself, others, and the Earth. There is no outline for this class, so we cannot tell you where it will start and where it will end. We can tell you there will be lots of meditations, visualizations, and ceremony. Come join us and learn what “purpose beyond self” means.

Mentoring Skills Weekend

This experience brings the learner through invisible school technologies used to heighten the senses, increase awareness, develop empathy and a passion for learning.  You will awaken latent learning and sharing skills and learn tools dsigned to bring your students through the wall of grief.  The powerful results of genuine learning in place of rote memorization awaken the minds’ child like curiosity and bring awareness skills back on line that were neglected in most people “schooling” experience.  Learn the “symptoms” of a whole human being and how to get beyond the flight or fight response of the 9 to 5 treadmill.  Warning: These technologies will empower you and your students beyond the “sheople” context of “learning” and “living”.  Once you bring these skills back on line, they can not be turned off.  Side effects include increased hunger for knowledge, experiences, and awareness skills, a playfullness and quickness of wit that will drive the mindless gray masses crazy, and a painfully increased sense of empathy and a desire to live ones vision fully.  People who desire to live in blissful ignorance or who have grown attached to a sense of lack of fulfillment should avoid taking this course.

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