Websites recommended by our staff

Clothing, Tools, & Supplies

Clear Creek Trading -  raw materials - fire starters, survival equipment

Acorn Naturalists - resources for the trail and classroom

Alder Stream Canvas - traditional canvas packs & great tarps

Arrow Moccasin Company - great moccasins, just like Carl Dyer’s but cheaper

Avena Botanicals - organic herbs, tinctures, and salves

Bamboo and Rattan Works - bamboo and rattan supply house

Bark River Knife and Tool - fantastic knives

Black Ash Pack Basket - beautiful, functional & rugged black ash pack baskets - great site for surplus military equipment

Dan Gray Knives - custom knifemaker we highly recommend

Delorme - maps, map software, and the awesome Gazetter

Gransfors Bruks - outstanding Swedish axes

Hedgehog Leatherworks - high quality leather sheaths for the Tracker Knife series

Just - leather supply house

King of the Mountain - awesome but expensive camouflage wool clothing

Mora Knives - good tough inexpensive knives

Mountain Rose Herbs - bulk herbs and herbalist supplies

Old Town Canoe - great indestructable canoes

Primal Connection - active member of PaleoPlanet who makes great primitive gear

Quoddy Trail Moccasin Company - great moccasins that you can wear everyday

Spirit Wings - a good resource for teas, music, jewelry, and new age supplies

Steger Mukluks & Moccasins - very comfortable and warm mukluks & moccasins

Tentsmiths - makers of authentic period tents, teepees, and awesome oilskin watchcoats

The Map Shack - If you need a map, this is the place to get it.

The Wandering Bull - American indian craft supplies

Wilderness Solutions - fire pistons



Errett Callahan - experiental archaeologist & flintknapper – flintknapped knives, workshops & books - knapped points, blades, knives, and arrows

Knapper’s Anonymous - good flintknapping resource

D.C. Waldorf’s Knapper’s Corner - good flintknapping site – knapped points, books, videos, tools

Lithic Casting Lab - casts of stone age artifacts

Craig Ratzat’s Neolithics - flintknapping supply house

Paleo Planet - excellent flintknapping forum

USM Knap-In - University of Southern Maine’s Archeological Department’s annual gathering


Naturalist Resources

Arthur Haines - plant biologist, super genius, and one of our staff

Eastern Native Tree Society - for the love of trees - great pictures of edible plants

Kjetil Kjernsmo’s Illustrated Guide on How to Use a Compass

Ingwe’s Wilderness Trail - the man, the myth, the legend – we will miss you

Manataka American Indian Council - interesting page on eating bugs - great nature info - Kamana forum - nature activities for children

Pacific Northwest Hikes - excellent hike planning website

Sunrise Land Shrimp - all about edible insects

Thomas Elpel’s The Art of Nothing - how to be free, a must read

The Owl Pages - incredible amount of good info on owls

Jake Swamp’s Tree of Peace Society - this is the way we will find peace on Earth

Wildman Steve Brill - wild edible master – books & videos


Nature & Survival Schools

Alderleaf Wilderness College - Monroe, Washington

Cody Lundin’s Aboriginal Living Skills School - Prescott, Arizona

Larry Dean Olsen’s Boulder Outdoor Survival School - Boulder, Colorado

California School of Traditional Hispanic Herbalism - Richmond, California

Cascadia Wild - Portland, Oregon

Earth Connection - Sommerville, Virginia

Earthknack - Crestone, Colorado

EarthWalk Northwest, Inc - Issaquah, Washington

Flying Deer Nature Center - New Lebanon, New York

Four Feathers Wilderness Programs - White Plains, New York

Great Lakes School of Tracking and Nature Awareness - Western Michigan

Hawk Circle - Cherry Valley, New York

Tom Elpel’s Hollowtop Outdoor Primitive School - Silver Star, Montana

Human Nature Institute - New Jersey

Mors Kochanski’s Karamat Wilderness Ways - Wildwood, Alberta, Canada

Midwest Native Skills Institute - Cleveland, Ohio

Nature Awareness School - Lyndhurst, Virginia

Native Ways Association - Cornucopia, Wisconsin

Billy McConnell’s Past Skills Wilderness School - Bozeman, Montana

Roots School - Montpelier, Vermont

Chris Nyerges’ School of Self-Reliance - Los Angeles, California

Joseph Cornell’s Sharing Nature Foundation - Nevada City, California

Skills Alive - Boone, North Carolina

Tactical Awareness School - Virginia Beach, Virginia

Gilbert Walking Bull’s Tatanka Mani Camp - Hot Springs, South Dakota

Teaching Drum Outdoor School - Three Lakes, Wisconsin

Clint Smith’s Thunder Ranch - Lakeview, Oregon

Tom Brown Jr.’s Tracker School - Waretown, New Jersey

Tracks and Trees Learning Center - Watertown, Wisconsin

Twin Eagles Wilderness School - Sandpoint, Idaho

Jon Young’s Wilderness Awareness School - Duvall, Washington

Wilderness Learning Center - Chateauguy, New York

Wilderness Way School - Owego, New York

Wildlore - Tucson, Arizona

Ray Mears’ Woodlore School of Wilderness Bushcraft - Etchingham, East Sussex, UK


New England

Algonquin Archers - Woodbury, Connecticut

Avena Institute - Rockport, Maine

Bryant Pond 4-H Camp & Learning Center - Bryant Pond, Maine

Bushy Hill Nature Center - Ivoryton, Connecticut

Camp Forest - Brooks, Maine

Delta Institute - Bowdoin, Maine

Our site on ThumbTack!

David Brown’s Wildlife Services - Warwick, Massachusetts

Earthways - Canaan, Maine

EarthWork Programs - Amherst, Massachusetts

Farm School - Athol, Massachusetts

Frost Pond Camps - Greenville, Maine

Great Hollow Wilderness School - New Fairfield, Connecticut

Jack Mountain Bushcraft - Wolfeboro Falls, New Hampshire

Keeping Track - Huntington, Vermont

Leoniak Tracking Services - Marlboro, Vermont

Maine Traditional Archers - Maine

New England Wild Flower Society - Framingham, Massachusetts

Newforest Institute - Brooks, Maine

Nurture Through Nature - Denmark, Maine

R.O.O.T.S. - Montpelier, Vermont

Sandy River Outdoors - Solon, Maine

Spirit Wings - Bethel, Maine

Sunrise Wilderness Skills - Brownville Junction, Maine

Vermont Wilderness School - Brattleboro, Vermont

Walnut Hill Tracking and Nature Center - Orange, Massachusetts

White Pine Programs - Cape Neddick, Maine


Primitive Gatherings

Echoes In Time - Oregon

Falling Leaves & Rivercane - Georgia

Lake Superior Traditional Ways Gathering - Wisconsin

Mid-Atlantic Primitive Skills Group - Maryland

Maine Primitive Gathering - Maine

Moon Camp - Virginia

New England Primitive Skills Gathering - Connecticut

Rabbitstick & Wintercount - Idaho & Arizona

Roots Rendezvous - Vermont

USM Knap-In - Maine


Primitive Skills - primitive living skills cyber-shelter

Animated Knots by Grog - incredible website on knot tying

Bushcraftuk - British magazine

Ron & Karen Hood’s Hoods Woods - good mountain man survivalists – video series

Native Tech - Native American Technology & Art

PaleoPlanet - fantastic primitive skills forum, mucho infomatio

Paleotechnics - good braintanning site

John & Geri McPherson’s Praire Wolf - info, books, and videos from people who live it.

Primitive Ways - good primitive resource

Society of Primitive Technology - awesome organization

Stone Age Skills - good collection of abo articles

Thunderbird Atlatl - the best in atlatls

Henri Vaillancourt’s Traditional Indian Birch Bark Canoes - well done website on birch bark canoes

Matt Richards’ Traditional Tanners - awesome brain tanning resource – articles, tools, & materials

Wilderness Way Magazine - good abo magazine

Waorani Exhibition - website about the vanishing Waorani people of the Amazon rainforest

Wilderness Drum -  an information and education resource for wilderness survival, primitive skills, and wilderness spirituality

Wildwood Survival - great all around resource – tons of information



Jim Halfpenny’s A Naturalists World - Gardiner, Montana

Beartracker’s Animal Den - a solid tracking resource

CyberTracker - tracking softwear

David Brown’s Wildlife Services - Warwick, Massachusetts

International Society of Professional Trackers - promotes tracking as a profession

Keeping Track - Huntington, Vermont

Leoniak Tracking Services - Marlboro, Vermont

Natural Awareness Tracking School - Christiansburg, Virginia

Kevin Reeve’s On Point Tactical Tracking School - Vincentown, New Jersey

Tracker Trail - information on Tom Brown Jr. and the Tracker School

Tom Brown Jr.’s Tracker School - Waretown, New Jersey

Walnut Hill Tracking and Nature Center - Orange, Massachusetts

Mark Elbroch’s Wildlife Tracking in North America - Tracker Certification Program

Wildwood Tracking - good tracking resource


Traditional Archery

Algonquin Archers - folks that put on the New England Primitive Gathering & 3D shoot

Asian Traditional Archery Research Network - exchange of archery info from the other side of the world

George Tsoukalas’ website - good info

Korean Traditional Archer - interesting site

Maine Traditional Archers - these folks host the Poke & Hope shoot in July

OL Adcock Custom Traditional Bows - quite excellent information, check out the bow tuning page

Old South Traditional Arrows & Archery Supply - very good arrows

Paleo Planet - excellent primitive bow making forum

Primitive Archer Magazine - good information on building and shooting primitive bows - flax twine for bow strings - great resource

The Beckoning - info on the medieval longbow

3 Rivers Archery - traditional archery supplies

The Archery Library - old archery books, articles and prints

Traditional Bowhunter Magazine - the name says it all

Trad - the cyber camp of traditional bowhunters

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