Earth Philosophy is a way of looking at the world as a web not as a food chain. Indigenous peoples saw themselves as caretakers and healers, perceiving the world not as a box store but as an Eden to be gardened. This class focuses on healing oneself, others, and the Earth. There is no outline for this class, so we cannot tell you where it will start and where it will end. There will be meditations, visualizations, and ceremony. Come join us and learn what “purpose beyond self” means. Philosophy courses are about the old ways – living and loving through physical, energetic, and spiritual means. They are about healing oneself, healing others, and healing the Earth. Through becoming a healer, in one form or another, one can connect to a greater purpose and find self. To walk this path takes great courage and dedication to a vision of a better world for those to come. We do our best to put words to work that is done through heart not head, so please forgive us if a course is not what you expect.  At the very least, however, you will have fun.

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  • Pre-requisites: none
  • Weekend option: Friday - Sunday
  • Five day intensive: Wednesday - Sunday

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  1. Dory
    | Reply

    Please send info and price for 5 day my son is 18 and I 54

  2. Anthony J. Torre
    | Reply


    Hi, I called and spoke to you today. I would appreciate it if when you list your spring 2016 schedule that you shoot me an email.

    Thanks and best regards,

    ~ Anthony J Torre

    • Mike Douglas
      | Reply

      Just finishing the weekend and five day postings for the 2016 schedule now. Day workshops are next!

  3. Mr. Mrs. Kohler
    | Reply

    my name is thomas and am extremely happy and excited to see a sight like this so open, casual, honest, and “giver-seeker” friendly… i always find myself coming back to survival-living after periods of time in “society.” so much worry, so much stress, so much secular-box-chaos…. it drives me back out into the wilderness. my wife has stuck it out with me going on four years bless her heart.
    we have a saying between the two of us, seems to put people on edge. “we love, with a love, thats more than love.” and society fears this… blows my mind. ya’ll keep on living in harmoney.

  4. Marla and Ken
    | Reply

    Dear forager.
    My husband and I would like to learn to live naturally off the land and sea. We would like to rent a small house on the coast of Maine sometime in August and spend that week with the tutor from your school or taking a class at your school so that we can learn to do just that. Is anyone available to help us? Can you recommend The coast line area that would be convenient or we might rent a bungalow? Many thanks, Marla and Ken

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