This course is a study in a variety of disciplines that increase awareness.  While there are valuable tools for each individual in this class, there are also elements that will definitely work your “edge” as you increase your own “Sphere of Awareness” beyond your “Sphere of Influence” .

On a physical level, key pieces regarding attention to detail, tools to better understand baseline as it pertains to multiple integrated systems in nature, reading the forested landscape, and tracking are used to develop your “nature literacy”, or ability to understand what you see in the way of forest succession, the ecological indicators for types of wildlife to be expected in the area, the history of human influence over hundreds of years, and navigation indicators as read in tree characteristics.

On a psychological level, you will understand how your mindset effects what you are aware of and how vast your blind spots can be.  Through experiential exercises you will amplify the ability to detect subtle changes with all of your senses.  We will also learn reliable techniques to slow and increase heart rate, brain wave activity, and pace to match the landscape you are in and better blend in/notice more.

The intuitive level of awareness is an aspect we work but hard to explain.  If you can see the characters in a book you read, than apply that to your ability to read the deer tracks and add to it the reproducible result of putting meat on the table.  The physical skill of tracking (reading) and the psychological discipline to notice the finer details need to be in place to develop a reliable form of intuitive awareness skills.  We encourage folks to journal their experiences for further processing.

In summary, this rigorous college level course will increase your awareness and ability to:

-Dialogue with the landscape using all of your senses.

-Extract meaningful information from your surroundings.

-Increase your perceptual abilities and gain confidence through consistent success in observing your environment.

-Read your ecosystem to discover more wildlife, interpret bird and animal behavior, understand tracks and signs, and detect weather patterns.

Native Awareness classes run in Spring, Summer, and Fall.

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  • Hands on learning includes: navigation, lostproofing, tracking, primitive weather forecasting, reading bird language & behavior
  • Pre-requisites: none
  • Weekend option: Friday - Sunday
  • Five day intensive: Wednesday - Sunday