Wild foraging is more than eating plants in your backyard. The in-depth exploration of nutrition, botany, historical plant use, and modern research blended together is fascinating. Foraging classes explore each tree, shrub, plant, vine, and liana, for its food value, medicinal effects, and utilitarian uses throughout all of the seasons. We also emphasize the responsible harvest, propagation, and control, of important plants to increase the biodiversity and the carrying capacity of the landscape as a direct result of our harvesting practices. Our culture is steeped in sicknesses stemming from malnutrition and excessive caloric intake. Learn how wild foraged foods can address these issues and how nutrition is your primary defense against illness as we prepare delicious wild crafted meals and herbal preparations. Our staff includes experienced botanists and practicing herbalists with decades of real world experience. Many are also medically trained in both homeopathic and allopathic medicine.

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  • Hands on skills include: plant identification, responsible harvesting, preparing teas, tinctures, and poltices
  • Pre-requisites: none
  • Weekend option: Friday - Sunday
  • Five day intensive: Wednesday - Sunday

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  1. Helen J Moore
    | Reply

    Really want to learn. 72 is still young enough to learn more about life.

  2. Jason Durham
    | Reply

    Hi Michael,

    Great site! Saw some videos on youtube and it led me to your site. I live in Okinawa, Japan. If I ever visit Maine, I’d like to visit your business.

    Jason Durham
    Sales Director
    GLBB Japan

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