With over fifty hours of instruction and hands on application in survival and outdoor skills, the Earth Living Intensive is a college level course and an experiential introduction to the skills needed to live outdoors with little or no gear for brief to extended periods of time.  The content is rigorous as well as thorough.  You will learn through a number of instructional techniques and direct application important benchmarks toward success in developing a proactive mental attitude, effective shelter building approaches, and the location, harvesting, effective treatment, and storage of water off the landscape. Through demonstration and hands on experience, you will improve your understanding and proficiency in fire building, ignition systems, safety, and maintenance.  Field Botany and traditional uses of wild plants for food and medicine.  We will apply this knowledge to primitive camp hygiene issues as well as how common outdoor injuries were effectively addressed by common plant usage.  We will cover the laws and regulations, as well as the methods of taking meat off the landscape.  No animals will be harmed in these courses.  Field dressing and primitive cooking are often covered.  Instructional strategies, including the importance of direct experience, working ones “edge”, and the  importance of sequencing events to stack functions and improve outcomes are a part of our mission to train the trainers.  You will leave this class not only knowing how much more you have to learn, but also how to share the skills with peers and increase your own growth as you share and grow with others.

Earth Living is an approach to thriving in the wilderness through developing physical skills, awareness of cues in the landscape to find important resources and information, and developing a resilient and supportive community of gifted skills practitioners.

Whether you feel the calling to have a deeper connection with nature, or you are a seasoned backpacker, camper, or sportsman, this course will bring you to the edge of your abilities and provide you with new tools to bring your outdoor experiences to the next level.

Read the environment to determine your shelter location, water sources, fire making materials and wild foraged food and medicine.

Investigate the forest to decipher its history or find your way home.

Strengthen and utilize your innate ability to make meaningful connection to the landscape.

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  • Hands on learning includes: debris hut construction, friction fire, plant identification, water gathering & purification
  • Pre-requisites: none
  • Weekend option: Friday - Sunday
  • Five day intensive: Wednesday - Sunday

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  1. Andrew Howard
    | Reply

    Hello, hope all is well. I am interested in a beginning level course for my son and I. I would appreciate any information, recommendation or advice. Thanks!!!

    • Mike Douglas
      | Reply

      Hey Andrew, thanks for your interest. The backpackers survival and the Earth Living Weekend are both great places to start. The first one focuses on the use of light weight modern gear and the second concentrates on more ancestral skills to achieve the same thing; a comfortable experience in the woods with the ability to make your own shelter, drinking water, fire, and food. The courses are structured to address a wide range of experience levels including different levels of challenge by choice with in each discipline we cover. If you would like to speak to an instructor, e-maill [email protected] and we can provide more details.

  2. Cheryl fricchione
    | Reply

    Hi I would like to sign my husband mark fricchione up for the earth living course 11/10 its for his brithday

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