Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse has become the hot theme in the recent past.  It is a thinly veiled metaphor for folks of all walks of life to be able to express their growing uneasiness with the way they see things are going.  In expressing our uncertainties through zombies we can cross all manner of political and social boundaries. The big plus is that they resemble humans and are already dead.  So, in the spirit of taking advantage of this . . . movement, it seemed important to share some topics that might be worth exploring on your own.  Our school doesn’t officially cover most of these topics.  We do however practice a great deal of them as a matter of fun and “entertainment purposes”.

For those of you who have been through a survival skills course, you have probably heard of attitude, shelter, water, fire, and food as important topics to be covered.  Firearms, lock picking, psychological warfare, escape from restraints, hot wiring, improvised munitions, and small group movement aren’t necessarily included in the basic survival package.  They are, however, things to consider in an Apocalypse of the Zombie persuasion.

Just to be clear, we don’t condone any of the above training for folks unless being pursued by zombies.  Some founding father type apparently said something about the government being afraid of the people as being freedom and the people being afraid of the government as tyranny.  I suppose that would make being afraid of zombies perfectly healthy, maybe even sane in today’s current climate.  So train wisely.

Remember that cell phones and televisions are transmitters, that there is currently no real “Right to Privacy”, and only you are responsible for your own safety before embarking on such liberties.  Be also aware that time is a real issue.  Jobs, sleep, family and other obligations limit what you can learn.  Make a list of skill sets you want to master, another list you want to be decent at, and a third list of skills you want to be familiar with.  There is only so many hours before the brain sucking hordes come out of the ground. In short, prioritize and don’t advertise.

Your essentials list should be relatively short and have some aspect of escape and evasion included on it.  This list is where you will be spending most of your training time and energy.  It should also include some sort of defense training or strategies.  Don’t be so self-absorbed that you forget to network with valuable community assets on some level with regard to this list.  This could be something as low maintenance as establishing safe houses along escape routes, or as involved as cross training team members and practicing reactionary drills.  Remember that  “one is none and two is one” when it comes to high intensity zombie interaction.

On the decent proficiency list, a transferrable/barter-able skill is important.  Something you can do that few others can give you value in high stress group dynamics.  They won’t sacrifice you to the zombies if you’re the only one who knows field expedient short wave radio, or can repair firearms.  Blacksmithing, EMT skills, a cross trained person in two or three of these areas is important.  Strive to be that person.

Lastly, the list of skills you are lightly familiar with should be your largest.  You train in these to gain a working knowledge of how things operate.  Just don’t get fooled in to believing you know something just because you saw it on you tube or read it in a cheesy blog like this one.  As an example, lock picking should not be on this list unless you popped open a pair of cuffs and a master lock a few times with improvised rakes, wrenches, and picks.

Zombies are arrogant and lack creativity, but they are well-trained and their ego’s give them the illusion of command and control.  It is only through your training and networking that you will prevent having your brains sucked out.  If you already believe you know all this “stuff”, than you are exhibiting zombie behavior.  Being hungry for more ways to increase your survival and the survival of your loved ones may be the only way to prevent the spread of the scourge and allow you to survive the zombie apocalypse.  For instructional videos, and details about courses visit: