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Wilderness Skills begin with core routines of survival, including shelter, water, fire, and food from the landscape. It evolves into an approach where thriving in the wilderness through developing skills creates mutually beneficial relationships. Come develop your awareness to cues in the landscape to find important resources and information. Whether you feel the calling to have a deeper connection with nature, or you are a seasoned backpacker, camper, or sportsman, this course will bring you to the edge of your abilities and provide you with new tools to bring your outdoor experiences to the next level.

With over 18 hours of instruction and hands on application (instructive experience) during the weekend, this course is an enjoyable exposure to the skills needed to flourish outdoors with little or no gear for brief to extended periods of time. The content is rigorous as well as thorough.

You will learn through demonstration and direct application important benchmarks toward success in developing:

-a proactive mental attitude

-effective shelter building approaches

-effective and sustainable fire making strategies

-the location, harvesting, effective treatment, and storage of water off the landscape.

Wilderness survival is an emergent level of nature literacy. It is only a first step in your wilderness skills evolution. Engage in an approach to thriving in the wilderness through developing appropriate skills and an awareness of cues in the landscape to find important resources and timely information.

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Cost: $250.00

Limit: 12 Students

For more details or questions contact the school via e-mail at “[email protected]