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Visual Tracking Teams training on common substrates.



The School has been sharing Human Tracking Skills across the United States, Europe, and Scandinavia. We are offering Team Tracking to Law Enforcement, SAR, and the General Public for the first time here at our home base in Maine. Learn from Instructor Bill Marple, who has shared his tracking skills at Tracker School for over thirteen years, served as key instructor for tracking for Enhanced Combat Hunter Leader’s Course, Combat Hunter Trainer Courses, and the Intermediate Combat Hunter Courses. He also Functioned as OpFor Tracking Team leader for the United States Marine Corps Tracker training programs. You will learn:


-Tracking Team Management

-Integration into Modern SAR and Specialized Scenarios

-Tracking Skills over Difficult Terrain

-Lost Spoor Procedure

-Closing the Time/Distance Gap

-and more.

This is an intensive field of study. Come prepared for long hours on the trail and in the debrief area.

Cost: 620.00