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The purpose of a Survival Game is to provide participants (aka “survivors”) with an alternative and fun way to learn and practice survival skills by simulating a survival situation and combining this with elements of role playing games (gamification) .

Our staff has combined forces with members of this year’s apprentice class to design this game experience.  Although our team has spent many hours brainstorming and thinking out the details of this idea, this weekend will serve as our Beta Test.  We are looking for 8-12 people of various skill levels.  There will be prizes and a campout/firepit gathering in the evening.  Join us for a day and night of fun in the outdoors, we need your help!


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Limit: 12 people


Cost: $20


Here’s how the game is played:

After an introduction into the basics of survival, general safety practices and rules of the game, the survivors will be introduced to the game scenario. The game scenario is a fictional event in which a group of survivors were forced to survive and sustain themselves over a short period of time.  A bag of survival gear and a list of game objectives will be given to each participant.

The goal of the game is to acquire as many survival points as possible. Survival points can be gained by realizing game objectives within the given time limits (e.g. setting up tarp or boiling water), complete additional missions/tasks from game events or by survival game points obtained from chance cards.  These points will be added up at the end of the game to determine your Overall Survival Potential.

Difficulty Levels:

Open to all experience levels, and requires you to choose from two difficulty levels before the game begins: Rookie, Veteren.  Difficulty levels dictate several variables such as amount of starting wildcoin, starting gear bag, severity of game events, etc.

Rookie: Little to no experience with survival skills.  Watching Naked and Afriad, or Bushcraft YouTube videos doesn’t count

Veteren: For those who have a decent amount of experience in the outdoors.

All participants must be physically fit enough to walk 5 miles over uneven terrian, and overall in sound health.

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