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At this time of Year the black bear is giving birth, the fox are scent posting and mating, the snow buntings are returning to their arctic homes, the sap is starting to flow, and the chipmunks are waking up to feed on garter snakes and maple sap.

Learning to read the late Winter landscape as in depth as you would a book requires all of your senses. It provides you access to many more choices and options. It connects you to what is real and important, the rhythm of the seasons, and the opportunities as well as dangers this season presents.

Experience a more thorough understanding of where you are in relationship to your landscape.

Topics Include:

Exercises to Develop Your Senses

Recognizing Information from Subtle Variations in Landscape Features

Basic Field Meteorology

Aidless Navigation Techniques

Recognizing Winter Baseline in Natural Systems

Use of  Winter Awareness Skills to Improve Life Sustaining Systems

Side effects may include increased abilities in wild places, understanding animal and bird behaviors, and reading the history of the landscape through it’s flora and geological features. A sense of timelessness and a baseline of deep nature connection and joy have also been reported.

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Limit: 12 Students

Deposits transferable but non-refundable

Minimum Age: 15 years old