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No one likes heavy winter boots? Now you can fashion your own warm pair of winter footwear. They are a very simple to create! Best of all for the traditional snow walker no other footwear is more satisfying to travel or relax in! Some knowledge of sewing is helpful but not required. Materials included: deerskin for the mukluk lowers, scraps to use as a repair kit and heel loops. Uppers are made from canvas, decorative ribbon and light cotton webbing for wrap-around ties. Needles, thread, instruction book and scissors will be provided.

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Prerequisites: Some knowledge of sewing is helpful but not required,

Student supplied materials:

  • One pair of heavy wool socks
  • A set of pack boot liners
  • Some type of insulating insole (wool or shearling are suggested)

Items Supplied: Needles, Thread, Instruction book, Instruction, Scissors

Instruction Cost: $ 210

Material Cost: $ 90