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Rapid shifts in public attitudes, supplies, the ability to move about safely ; 2020 has been a great reminder to develop redundancy in your life sustaining systems. How would you replace the shelter that provides you and yours protection? What are their options for drinking water when power & supply chains fail? What would be your plan? Increase your options and choices through knowledge and training.

Learn efficient and effective approaches to critical life sustaining systems and the importance of having redundancy in each of these systems. Securing and managing¬† shelter, water, “fire” (Warmth, Light, Security), and food in off grid and grid down situations will be emphasized.

Available as a private course. Minimum of six participants. Must book two weeks in advance, subject to available dates.

Two Day, One Evening Course

Cost: $250.00

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Deposits transferable but non-refundable

Minimum Age: 18 years old

For more information or to ask questions e-mail us at:¬† [email protected]