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Spend the Weekend learning the plants that grow in your area and how to identify, prepare and use them for food, medicine, and utility through fall and winter. This hands on experience begins with you interacting with the plants as we gather and prepare them. By investing your senses and producing a meal and materials to bring home, you retain and are more likely to use the information gleaned in this course.

Class will focus on gathering plant foods and medicines that are appropriate for the season (nuts, legumes, fall roots and tubers, and wild rice–as available). Throughout the class, simple tools will be used and reference will be made to primitive and contemporary methods of processing plants. As well, wildcrafted medicine and utilitarian plants will be discussed to provide a more holistic understanding of how plants can positively affect our lives. Wild nutrition is both a link to the past and a gateway to a sustainable future.

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Cost: $250 for the weekend

Deposit transferable but non-refundable

Limit: 12 Students

For more details contact the school via e-mail at “[email protected]