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With over 40 hours of instruction and hands on application in the Earth Living Intensive, this college level course is an experiential introduction to the skills needed to live outdoors with little or no gear for brief to extended periods of time. The content is rigorous as well as thorough. You will learn through a number of instructional techniques and direct application important benchmarks toward success in developing a proactive mental attitude, effective shelter building approaches, and the location, harvesting, effective treatment, and storage of water off the landscape.

Psychology and Cultural/Historical approaches to each skill will be two themes used to develop as well as examine the attitude(s) most productive in various unfamiliar situations. Emphasis will be placed on developing awareness skills as well as creating a disciplined approach to choosing outcomes.

Shelter design and construction will center on addressing and preventing hypothermia and protection from the elements. We will focus on the mechanics of conduction, convection, radiation, and air flow management in the design of your shelter using materials gathered from the landscape.

Water borne pathogens and chemical contamination issues as well as the judicial selection, gathering, purification, and storage of water in various environments will be covered through experiential activities and scenarios. Self monitoring techniques as well as reading symptoms and treatment regarding dehydration will also be covered.

Fire skills to be covered are wet fires, one match fires, ferro rods, friction fire, and effective gathering, construction, transportation, and long term maintenance of camp, cooking, and warming fires. We will also be using fire to make tools.

Food procurement involves the responsible and sustainable approaches to wild foraging for food, medicine, and utility. You will earn to identify plant communities, seasonal availability, specific plant identification, and use. Each season brings changes and each course covers the plants available for the time of year the course is held.

The ethical harvest of fish and game will be covered through traditional hunting, fishing, and/or trapping skills, but no animals will be harmed during this course. If time permits, we will also explore the vast discipline of wildlife tracking.

This course is intensive on materials covered, yet we share through a series of brief lecture followed by a demonstration before you begin your hands on training. Each instructor has spent at least one year honing their skills in all four seasons and another year refining their teaching techniques. The approach of our school is to invite folks toward their “edge” and provide the tools to expand that edge of ability toward growth. Each activity, while gently encouraged, is offered as a “challenge by choice”. This format allows first timers as well as seasoned veterans to grow within the skills with the appropriate level of support as well as challenge.

Earth Living takes you well beyond military survival or bushcraft. Whether you are a seasoned woods enthusiast or someone who has just stepped off the pavement you will learn volumes through hands on experiences in a respectful and supportive natural setting. You will approach the concepts of primitive survival and long term earth living with guidance and instruction by folks who have multiple full survival and partial (knives allowed) survival trips to draw from. Hands on workshops, practical application, and a supportive learning community sets this experience apart from the “suffer until your rescued” mentality or gear dependency of many other approaches. For those of you who want to be immersed in skills this is the course for you.