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Maine Primitive Skills School is delighted to Welcome Jonas Engström who will be delivering a series of Sami themed workshops.

Jonas has been working with us on our iconic ‘Introduction to Sapmi’ course, in Sweden, but now has made the exciting decision to travel over to the USA and give us a glimpse into the life of the modern day Sami (Indigenous population of Scandinavia)

As a young man of 26 Jonas has been raised in one of the most outstandingly beautiful but also significantly affected regions of Northern Sweden.

The Swedish governments policy of land reclamation and repurpose has drastically affected the herding landscape, and more heavy industry activity and ‘development’ continues to happen each and every year.

Raised as a native Sami speaker, Jonas (As all his generation) is having to bridge between honoring and nurturing his indigenous ancestry while also successfully living in the ‘modern world’.

How does one herd reindeer and study for an mechanical engineering degree? To what extent can the Sami practise their traditional ways? Jonas will cover all this and much, much more.

Join us around the campfire as he shares his journey from having only one year to learn the Swedish language before starting school, to the attempts to embrace wilderness tourism, through to the moral and ethical challenges presented by contract work to heavy industry.

Jonas continues to impress our school staff with his kindness, sensitivity, listening skills, empathy and desire to share and learn, that make him a true a stalwart for the Sami people, who in their native language do not have a word for war.

Jonas will not only be sharing stories, but also skills and we have scheduled time for structured discussions after each workshop as well. Participants can sign up for the whole event, or come for a section focusing on a different topic or skill.

Here is the break down:

Saturday Evening 6pm to 8pm, May 18:
Evening Potluck and Campfire: Introduction to Sapmi and her People: Past and Present
Stand alone cost: $20.00

Sunday 9am to 4pm, May 19:
Day Workshop: Sami Outdoor Cooking and Traditional Foods
Stand alone cost: $75.00

Sunday Evening 6pm to 8pm:
Campfire Discussion: Sami and the Reindeer/Landscape connection
Stand alone cost: $40.00

Cost for entire event: $120.00

All course proceeds go directly to Jonas who is looking to start a Sami knowledge sharing center.

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