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Choose from 5 Areas of Study or Explore the Skills in All of them!

We have Five Primary Areas of Study to choose from.  Each compliments and supports the others.  They are vast disciplines of study and each could take a life time of immersion without exhausting the material.


Wilderness Survival, Bushcraft, and Primitive Skills

Wilderness Survival, Bushcraft, Primitive Skills, and advanced woods skills fall into our Earth Living Programs.  These include the Specialty courses that result as extensions of those studies. Shelter building, procuring, filtering, and storing water, traps, snares, hunting tools, fire craft, and bushcraft are all examples of this area of study.

Tracking and Nature Observation

Our Tracking and Nature Observation Programs delve deep in to the realm of tracking and all of it’s many facets, from Wildlife Observation, to Search and Rescue, to Tactical, and Hunting Applications.  These courses are often offered to professionals who would benefit from the dirt time and advanced techniques and applications in this course of study.



Wild Foraging and Herbal Intensives 

We bring world class herbalists, skilled street medics, and botanists,   with decades of daily practice to share experiences with you. Our plant study programs and daily practice regularly draws the interests of Doctors, professional botanists, and career herbalists.  It doesn’t matter what your experience level.   Identification, responsible harvesting, and use of plants, trees, shrubs, lianas, vines, ferns, mosses, lichens, and fungi is an important and vast realm vital to our schools mission.


Scout Skills and Movement

Scout Skills and Movement focuses on our physical interaction with the landscape and supports fitness and wellness through martial arts, fluidity training, Neanderthal gymnastics, water stalking, combatives, yoga, and many more disciplines designed to promote fitness, self awareness, balance, fluidity, speed, coordination, confidence, and connection in natural places.

Awareness and Philosophy round out the previous four areas of study.  The awareness courses begin with immediately applicable skills in aid-less navigation, recognizing and understanding bird language and behavior for meaning and reproducible results, and learning to read the forested landscape.  Each awareness skill creates deeper connection to the landscape.  A natural extension is the philosophy skills.  Included in these skills are mentoring technologies, approaches to building resilient and supportive community, addressing grief, re-integration skills, and approaches to healing and personal growth.


In addition to our regularly schedules classes, we are available for custom courses designed for your school, club, business or military group – either on or off site.

Each year, April through October, we offer an intensive apprenticeship program for students interested in taking their experience of Primitive Skills to the next level.

Anytime you take one course at the Maine Primitive Skills School, you are invited to come back and volunteer with that same class as many times as you’d like.

Our tuition costs are the result of a conscious effort to balance our desire to share these skills with as many people as possible with the financial sustainability needs of the school.

Not sure what to expect from your first class at MPSS? We’ve put together a list with some suggestions of what to bring.

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