Our Apprenticeship Program provides the opportunity for immersion in skill development and community building.  In addition to learning how to re-integrate with the landscape, we’ll share through, guided experiences, what it takes to become mentors, as well as seasoned skills practitioners. Both the residential and non-residential apprenticeship programs include three months of course programming in addition to Apprentice specific programs, mentoring, and opportunities to assist in teaching. The days can be tiring, exhilarating, riddled with mosquitoes, or filled with joy, but they are always real and there is always growth in one’s self. The hard skills and soft skills of our collective ancestry serve to increase your awareness, self-confidence, overall abilities and much more.

This is a place of explosive growth for those willing to invest themselves. What you will also develop is the perspective of someone who knows their vision path and strengthens that part of them that seems to flounder in the modern construct. If you want to track, learn plants, increase your awareness, get fire off the landscape, or rediscover yourself outside the expectations and demands of your current situation, we invite you to take the next step in the process. This usually means setting up a day where you can come to the school, meet the instructors, even experience a part of a class you have interest in and/or haven’t yet attended.

The non-residential program April 30th and stay until October 15. Non-residents may stay up to three weeks at a time provided they are attending courses during each of those three weeks. In between classes are opportunities to work on skills with residential participants. Non residential apprentices are also expected to share in the duties of community life while at the school.

Application Process

We are searching for passionate learners who have a desire to share skills with others. Preference is given to applicants who have completed a five day course prior to applying for apprenticeship. Before acceptance, candidates will be requested to visit the school for an interview. International students have been accepted in the past, and can arrange a phone interview if unable to visit the school. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis but it is strongly recommended to apply before December 15th. Deposits are required by February 1st to reserve a space.

After Acceptance

Our Apprentice Potluck is the opening event for the Apprenticeship Program. Students are encouraged to invite family and friends to this event. Orientation week is mandatory for residential apprentices and highly recommended for non-residential apprentices.