Another extraordinary experience at the Tracking, Foraging and Tree identification class at Maine Primitive Skills School. The invaluable thing about these classes is they not only assist your learning of concrete facts and information, but also in your overall perspective to life and living. My brain and it’s thoughts are limited, I want to be challenged to experience what else there is to life beyond simple thoughts and emotions. These skills provide an opportunity for greater connection in this life, and MPSS’s approach provides the support needed to experience that greater connection, beyond simple information acquisition. Much gratitude.

-Dawn Colinan, 2014 Apprentice

Montague, Massachusetts

If you want connection to the earth, if you want real survival skills, if you want to find more meaning and a deeper sense of purpose in your life, if you want to search out your path and learn within an energetic community of students and teachers, come to the Maine Primitive Skills School. It will change your life.

-Lily Kapiloff, 2012 Apprentice

Age 24, Starks, Maine

There are more things happening here at Maine Primitive Skills School than it seems one person can accomplish in a day…Classes are intense and demanding. Its a place to feel comfortable. Its a place to heal. Its a place of a vast and still breathing collection of forgotten knowledge and skill, if one has the tenacity to find it out for their own self. Its a place where it seems parents have relented to the child’s wild curiosity in an endless playground – and some times we get hurt. But we learn, and learn well. This is the movement of spirit I see Maine Primitive Skills School is fully participating in. Weird and wild people dedicated to always learning better how to abide by a flow of nature greater than our own self.

– Jason Wright, 2013 Apprentice

Age 27

I cannot stress enough how difficult it is to explain the extraordinary nature of this program. It was a truly transformative and inspiration experience. The immersive learning environment, structured around brief but knowledge-packed “brain downloads” coupled with extensive hands-on “dirt time,” creates an incredible opportunity for discovery and growth, and provided precisely the experience that I was hoping for. I’m standing at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, surrounded by mullein, curly doc, thistle, plantain, dandelion, mugwort, cattail, staghorn sumac, pine, cedar… all right next to a huge diversity of desert fauna I can’t yet identify. A robin just landed nearby and there’s a red-winged blackbird perched near the marsh. I could never be here without MPSS… Thank you for teaching me to see. I will return to the Maine Primitive Skills School before choosing any other “survival school” and cannot wait to come back to volunteer or attend another class as soon as I am able.

-Adam Webber, 2013 Apprentice

Long Beach, New York

Maine Primitive Skills School is a way to bring more wildness into our domesticated lives.

-Greg Sandford, 2012 Apprentice

Age 30, South Korea



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