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Survival Skills

Survival– A temporary state of duress. Training includes bare minimum sustenance of life sustaining systems until one “gets off the “x” or lasts 72 hrs until rescued. Survival infers a degree of suffering and unfamiliarity. Applied, it involves a degree of adaptability and an impassioned desire to improve ones condition. The Result; you remain alive…and thankful.

Foundations in Survival Courses

Intermediate Survival Courses

Advanced Survival Courses

Winter Skills Weekend

Life Sustaining Systems Weekend

Survival Shelter: Debris Hut Workshop

Survival Shelter & Fire Making Workshop

Foundations of Winter Camping


Fieldcraft– The Discipline of honing useful outdoor skills to the highest degree of craftsmanship. Apex skills, such as bow making and birch bark canoe construction demand of the practitioner to be at their best as they apply the basics creatively. The Result; an efficient, functional craft/tool that is a work of art that benefits you and those around you…and thankfulness/appreciation.

Debris Hut Workshop

Making Mukluks

Essential Outdoor Skills Workshop

Making Canoe Paddles

*Bow Making Intensive

Basket Making

Toboggan Building

Wilderness Cookcraft

Back Country Canoe Skills

Flint Knapping Weekend

Evening Short Courses in Woodworking, Blacksmithing & More

Nature Literacy

Nature Literacy– The ability to read the landscape for meaningful and actionable information; ideally toward increasing bounty/mutually beneficial relationships.

Seasonal Awareness 5 Day Intensives

Seasonal Awareness Weekends

Seasonal Awareness Workshops

Evening Short Courses in Nature Literacy & More

Exploring Winter Landscapes Workshop

Practical Nature Literacy Workshop

Natural Navigation Workshop

Deer Track & Sign Workshop

Mentoring Skills Weekend

Winter Wildlife Tracking Workshop

Nature Connection and Grief Resolution Workshop

Philosophy Skills Weekend

Baselines in Tracking

Advanced Tracking

Traditional Herbalism

Seasonal Foraging Workshops

Seasonal Foraging Weekends

Seasonal Foraging Five Day Intensives

Fruit & Jam Workshop

Earth LivingĀ 

Earth Living– An existence where relationships with the landscape and humanity are based on productive and mutually beneficial exchanges. The Benefits are confident individuals eager to share their skills to improve the overall condition and live to the fullness of their days doing so. This baseline involves hard work to maintain and is easy to neglect due to lack of thankfulness/appreciation.

Seasonal Earth Living Weekends

Earth Living: Beyond Survival 5 Day Intensives

The Hybrid Bush Camp

Survival Shelter: Debris Hut Workshop

Long Term Off Grid Shelter Building Intensive

Primitive Shelters Workshop

Wilderness Skills Weekend

Wilderness Skills 5 Day

Spirit of the Hunt

Advanced Long Term Shelter Building

Earth Living is the foundation for the expression of Fieldcraft, which, when absent, invariably leads to a Survival Situation.Nature Literacy increases from zero (Survival) toward Literate (Earth Living). Suffering is an indicator of illiteracy.
Add or remove thankfulness/appreciation and you get a cycle.
Michael Douglas

Scout Skills

Scout 5 Day

Scout Weekend

Scout Hybrid

Adaptive Skills

Movement and Stealth Workshop

Stealth Shelter & Fire Workshop

Escape & Evasion Weekend

Wilderness Immersion & Gap Year

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Our courses are professionally guided learning experiences based on a seasonal progression of skills that connect you to the land and increase your ability by helping you work your “edge” in a respectful, challenging and engaging setting.