Location & Facilities

The Maine Primitive Skills School is located at 716 Church Hill Road, Augusta, Maine. Our campus consists of twenty-three acres of regenerating forest on which we have an outdoor classroom area, primitive village, indoor classroom facility, and many trails.  Our outdoor classroom area consists of a covered building which serves as wet weather classroom as well as giant tracking box.  There is also a fire pit, an outdoor tracking box, and a scout training area.  The primitive village, also known as the shelter field,  is made up of examples of primitive shelter- short and long term.  There is also a fire circle, hide tanning stations, and a throwing stick range.  Our indoor facility is in a converted two car garage.  Downstairs is our cold weather classroom which has simple cooking facilities and is heated with a wood stove.  Upstairs is a martial training room and an eight person capacity dorm room.  The bathroom is a Humanure composting outhouse located past the outdoor classroom area.  There are simple shower and sink facilities.  Water is always available either from the faucet or in coolers.  Please remember that this is a primitive skills school.  Our intent is to be outside as much as possible and, though comfort is a concern, it is not the priority.

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