We must honor and recognize all those that have come before us. It is also important to remember the lineage that has directly given us the tools we use to further our vision.

We must first recognize the Apache. These people, through their expertise as trackers, survivalists and scouts, have influenced the world with their skills. Without them we would not have received the many teachings manifested through Lord Baden Powell’s Boy Scouting, Tom Brown’s Tracker School, David Scott-Donlan’s Tactical Tracking Operations School, Jon Young’s Wilderness Awareness School, and Saponkniona Whitefeather’s teachings.

The Akamba of Africa have given us many gifts through Ingwe who brought rights of passage ceremony and cultural traits of a tracking community to the Wilderness Awareness School.

We honor the Iroquois for the Thanksgiving Address, the Peacemaker Principles, and the Eight Shields model brought to us by Jon Young, and Jake and Judy Swamp of the Tree of Peace Society.

The Lakota people through Tony Ten Fingers and Gilbert Walking Bull have our respect and honor for giving us the traits of a whole human being and many sacred teachings about the importance of ceremony.

Thanks to Paul Raphael and the Odawa for the Sacred Fire ceremony and it’s wisdom.

The Hiada, Cherokee, Wampanoag, and Abenaki have given us countless skills, from baskets to bows, as well as powerful teaching and healing stories.

Finally, our personal elders, who pointed the way, showed us the path of the upright mind, and taught us the importance of listening to the landscape and the voice of the creator.

We understand that grief is what divides us, and that it is not the color of your skin, but the way you live your life that makes you a whole human being.


We thank our teachers for their dedication and vision. The following is a list of elders who have personally passed on wisdom to at least one member of our Medicine Council. There are many teachers on the path of life, so if we have forgotten any, please forgive us.


• Tom Brown, Jr.

• Bob Doyle

• Bob Ekhart

• Dan Gardoqui

• Ingwe

• Leonard Jacobs

• Arny Neptune

• Craig Ratzat

• Paul Raphael

• Nancy Reitze

• Ray Reitze

• Kevin Reeve

• Paul Rezendes

• David Scott-Donlan

• Tony Ten Fingers

• Saponkniona Whitefeather

• Charles Worsham

• Jon Young

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