•   To Register for a Course contact the School at [email protected] or call the school at (207) 623-7298

Your time at the Maine Primitive Skills School can be a rich and fulfilling experience. Please review this important information to help you get the most out of your time here.


Whether you are coming by plane, train, or automobile, you can find your way to us. We encourage students to organize a rideshare when available, such as GoMaine. If you need help arranging transportation to the school please contact us. Students may arrive the evening before a course begins.


MPSS does not allow pets on campus, with the exception of service animals. Pet friendly accommodations are available nearby the school.


MPSS is a non smoking campus, with a designated area for smokers.


MPSS campus consists of twenty-three acres of regenerating forest with many trails. The primitive village, also known as the shelter field, is a collection of primitive shelters, designed for short and long-term use. There is a fire pit, outdoor tracking box, and scout training area. On campus is also a fire circle, hide tanning stations, throwing stick range, and sweat lodge. We use Humanure composting outhouses. An outdoor shower is available. Our drinking water is sourced from a well and is always accessible. We encourage students to bring reusable water bottles, please avoid bringing disposable plastic containers on campus.


Students are encouraged to sleep outdoors during Summer, Spring, and Fall with the option of natural shelter building in some courses. Students who choose to camp will have access to a fire pit and outdoor kitchen with propane stove for meal preparation. There is no fee for camping.


The dorm can accommodate up to four students with two double beds available for couples who wish to share.  Please let us know upon registration if you require a bunk.


For those who who live nearby or wish to have additional amenities while taking courses at MPSS. AirBnB offers a range of affordable accommodations, some of which are pet friendly.


As a School and working landscape, we focus our efforts on sharing skills.This allows you to bring the foods you know you will like and it helps us focus on what we are good at (while keeping the price of tuition down). We have a full kitchen, refrigerator, and stove in our apothecary that you can use to prepare meals. Meals are an hour each for your planning purposes.

Additional Facilities

Outdoor Classroom

Wet weather shelter with a large tracking box. Please keep in mind you will be outdoors for the majority of class time and plan to dress accordingly. Our intent is to be outside as often as possible and, though comfort is a concern, it is not the highest priority.

Indoor Classroom

Used for documentary screenings, lectures, and winter courses.

Healing & Movement Space

Martial arts training, yoga classes, intu flow, and reiki healing sessions are all held in the healing and movement space.

Earth Lodge

Around the globe in northern latitudes, tribes built lodges of earth and poles to protect them from the bitter cold of long winters and keep them from being ravaged by biting insects in the summer months. The Earth Lodge is an expression of simple efficiency. It’s design creates a microclimate below frostline that keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Yeti Lodge

Our first attempt at hybridizing the best practices of ancestral architectural wisdom and the use of modern materials.  The strength of the structure is derived from the same design principles as the Yurts of the nomadic people of Mongolia. This structure also incorporates passive and active solar, and permaculture design concepts to leave as small a footprint as possible.